EDC is excited about continued business and workforce growth. Centralia College and local school districts move forward with new opportunities for student future career growth. Project and grant opportunities are beginning as federal funds have been approved. The business climate in Lewis County continues to be positive.


Workforce Development

Centralia College and local school districts are collaborating to improve high school student awareness of career opportunities and pathways. This is happening through the Career and Technical Education Dual Credit (CTE Dual Credit) opportunities provided by the State Board of Community and Technical Colleges (SBCTC) and the Office of Superintendent of Public Instruction (OSPI represents K-12). When school districts are able to align their Career and Technical Education offerings with Centralia College students can then take classes while in high school that will count towards an Associate of Applied Science degree, an Associate in Technical Arts degree, or a certificate of completion. Through this collaborative effort Centralia College has signed articulation agreements with ten local schools that include eleven different courses. The eleven courses can be applied to approximately fifteen of degrees at the college. For more information contact Jake Fay, Dean of Instruction for Healthcare and Industrial Trades. jakefay@centralia.edu


Business Retention and Expansion

Churchill Glove Company
Churchill Glove company is currently going through some amazing changes. The previous owner Mike has retired and moved on to Arizona. The company is now in the extremely capable hands of Andy and Andrea Churchill, Mike’s brother and sister-in-law. The company is very busy and has recently been going through an expansion. They have nine employees at their facility. Churchill purchased a leather embroidery machine, hired an employee from Centralia Knitting Mills, and still needs to hire at least two more people. Andrea said, “It is tough finding qualified employees but we are looking at partnering with employment agencies to find the employees we need.” You can learn more about the company at: jrcglove.com
Pioneer Truckweld 
Pioneer Truckweld is the manufacturer of high-quality dump bodies for dump trucks and other transportation equipmentthey are one of the newest companies to our area. One of the most exciting changes they made have made is their branding as “Truckweld” in our area, and their putting up a new sign to go along with this change. EDC connected the company with Anderson’s Fabrication as a supplier. Daniel, the manager, said, “That connection with Anderson’s Fabrication has been awesome. It has been incredibly helpful.” EDC strives to provide our manufacturers with a network of connections to accelerate their success. Truckweld has job openings. They are in need for electricians. They also have a need for a metal building contractor. You can learn more about the company at: pioneertruckweld.com 
Aristocratic Cabinet
Aristocratic Cabinet builds a world class custom cabinet product. They have been in business over 40 years and use computer-controlled machines and a highly skilled workforce to make high quality cabinets. Many of the products are done in a modern styling using woods like oak, teak, and melamine. They have 25 employees that produce cabinets everyday. Their products are primarily sold in San Francisco & the Hawaiian Islands.
The building they are in now actually has a rather storied history from grocery distribution to storage for Cascade Hardwoods. The company has many of the same challenges getting qualified labor as their neighbors in the industrial park. In discussing his company, owner Larry Walker said, “We have an amazing business and truly great employees.” You can learn more about the company at: aristocraticcabinets.com
We are currently on a roll this year with over 14 active leads. Some of the leads progressing the most are two wood pellet manufacturers considering option agreements for properties in Lewis County. There is a cross laminated timber (CLT) manufacturer considering Lewis County as well. We are one of the final two areas they are looking at in their selection process. Just these manufacturers alone would bring more than 50 jobs to the community. We hope to share additional progress with you soon as the leads continue to progress.
Upcoming Events
The annual Regional Economic Forecast and Innovation Expo will be held December 6th at the Little Creek Casino. Get more information by visiting Regionalinnovationexpo.com