The following highlights some of the EDC’s recent accomplishments. In summation, we met with a company out of state about relocating to our community, we visited several local manufacturers, and we held our organization’s annual banquet. In addition we generated leads at the MD&M/Plastec trade show in Anaheim. We have a sense that there are increasing opportunities for new business investment.


Lewis EDC Annual Banquet


Ralph Hubbert being recognized for his distinguished service to the Lewis EDC
Photo Courtesy of The Chronicle

EDC Annual Banquet

The EDC annual banquet, our largest event of the year, was attended by 200 members making it a great success. It was a great evening full of awards and recognition of our community members. Christine Fossett was recognized for her distinguished service and leadership as Chair for the EDC Board of Directors for the last two year. Bob Guenther was the recipient for the “Gail and Carolyn Shaw Industry Award.” Bob has served our community for a number of years in multiple roles by advocating for public policies that support TransAlta’s operations and many other economic development related efforts. The EDC recognized one of our board members, Ralph Hubbert, for his dedicated service to the EDC.. Ralph consistently works to make our community a better place to work and live. Lastly, the EDC recognized Cara Nicholas, of Century 21 Lund for developing the “Linden Comansa” lead that she shared with the EDC and our Ports. Cara was the catalyst behind this company investing in our community. Linden Comansa America is a Spanish tower crane manufacturer that located their operation in a 13,000 sq. ft facility at the Port of Centralia. This was a success because Cara took the initiative and the Port of Centralia was prepared to facilitate this new investment opportunity.


Medical Design & Manufacturing Expo/Plastec Trade Show

The EDC was represented at the show by “Site Location Partnership” at the MD&M/Plastec Show they developed 16 business recruitment leads from the Trade Show. The Medical Design & Manufacturing Expo was held in Anaheim, California and had 49,264 attendees and 2,229 exhibitors. The Expo showcased the various manufacturers of medical equipment and featured speakers on wide scope of topics such as emerging technologies in the medical field as well as manufacturing difficulties to create instruments for storage in those fields. Many of the leads we received are in bottling, packaging, molds, and surgical instruments. We will work hard to connect with these leads and explain the benefits of Lewis County.

Distribution Centers

There is continued interest from companies wishing to build a distribution center facility. We experience approximately one lead a month from a distribution sector client. These projects square footage ranges from 500,000 square feet to 1,000,000 square feet. Interest has varied from state wide site-selection to focused site searches that are considering the I-5 corridor.

Advanced Medical Manufacturer

Our organization is working to attract a manufacturer in the medical sector. The client is located out of state. Their site-selection process involves a nation-wide search for the ideal location for a 100,000 square foot facility that is projected to employ 300 people. Their site selection requirements include: “Just In Time” shipping via a major carrier freight carrier, favorable state tax structure, and a trained workforce in the medical field. During a recent visit to the clients existing location we were joined by representatives from Centralia College who expertly articulated the Colleges existing workforce training programs and the ability of the College to create customized workforce training programs. It is anticipated that the company will be making a decision on a future location in the next 12 months.



This local manufacturer intends to expand operations in the near future. They are a manufacturer of fatigue reducing mats and flooring that utilize proprietary technology in their construction. The product has tubular cells that provide cushioning for use in floors, standing mats, and even shoes. SATECH has been in this business for over a decade here in Lewis County. The company is growing into new markets and currently has 40 employees. Over the next 1-2 years they anticipate that they will continue this expansion trend and grow their existing facility, add new products, and hire more people.


EDC Membership Luncheon
April 14th, 2016 at Noon
Location: Holiday Inn Express