With virtually all commercial and industrial buildings filled there are few turn-key opportunities for industrial and commercial businesses. This will lead to companies selecting sites to search for shovel ready sites. Lewis County is home to several companies that are operating successfully including Cardinal Glass and Pace Edwards.



EDC is launching a new website that has a new look and feel. The site has a number of enhanced features. The site has sections for: Members, site selectors, commercial real-estate professionals, and others. Our website contains information on available industrial real-estate including land and buildings. The site includes demographic data and information about “Key Industries” in Lewis County. The webpage provides an easy way for folks to join the EDC. There is an online application and memberships level information is also available. Please check out our website www.lewisedc.com and let us know what you think.


Campbell Chrysler buildings

Following the closure of Campbell Chrysler Dodge dealership, the property owner has retained commercial broker, Leon Titus to represent the property. Leon has a deep connection to automotive dealerships. His family has been involved in the industry for decades. Leon is bringing his knowledge and experience to assist the Campbell Family in filling this property that has been an anchor in downtown Centralia.

The family’s intent is to lease the buildings and associated properties to one individual or company.  The hope is that it is an automotive related user or a change of use that is a good fit. The Campbell Family prefers to keep the properties in their possession and continue to lease them. You can find information about this property on our website under the “Properties” page. We are working closely with the Rob Hill Centralia City Manager to see that this building and property is filled.


Distribution Centers

On average we are experiencing one inquiry a month from WA State Dept of Commerce for Distribution Centers. There continues to be interest from brokers and site selectors for distribution/logistics sites. Most of the leads that EDC receives are in the Logistics or Transportation sectors.


Port of Chehalis

Wilcox & Flegel recently signed a two-year lease on a 35,000 square foot building owned by the Port of Chehalis at 123 Habein Road, resulting in about 25 new jobs for the Chehalis community.

Wilcox & Flegel is a family owned fuel distribution company based in Longview. Randy Mueller, CEO of the Port of Chehalis said, “We are excited to welcome Wilcox & Flegel as our new tenant, having the building available was key to attracting them.” It is anticipated that there will be more news in the future about this company.


Business Retention & Expansion

Cardinal Glass:

Cardinal was founded in Minneapolis by M.L. Gordon in 1962. They have been pioneers in introducing triple-pane glass and in high quality dual-pane coated glass. The company has 6,000 total employees through its various subsets. Cardinal FG, in Winlock, employs 220 people in a 500,000 square foot facility. Cardinal creates float glass and high volume tempered glass. Their primary customer is within their own company but its primary market is residential.

Cardinal was able to weather the downturn of the economy and streamline their operations they kept their doors open where others did not keep their doors open. As a result Cardinal is seeing a great demand for their products. They have increased production to meet the demands of the market place.


Pace Edwards:

Pace Edwards began over 20 years ago in a garage making sail boat parts.  Eventually the mom and pop business transitioned into making retractable truck bed covers and began to expand their business. Soon thereafter they were acquired by a private equity firm; growth came at a rapid clip as they expanded into larger industrial space. The company transitioned through the economic downtown and continues to manufacture truck bed covers.

Ray Klamn, Plant Manager explained the progress of the company and their manufacturing processes of their 40,000 sq. ft. facility. Their manufacturing process includes: milling, processing, assembly, and delivery portions for their product. One of the most unique ideals of Pace Edwards is the company’s commitment to lean manufacturing. The company has a huge focus on waste reduction. Initially time saved and waste reduced was in the millions of dollars, then in the hundreds of thousands. Now the company is saving seconds and tens of thousands of dollars in waste.

Pace Edwards has 60 employees and is growing their revenues at 7% year over year and plans to develop newer versions of their existing products. Future challenges include finding skilled workers such as machinists. They are meeting the demands and challenges on the company with vigor. http://www.pace-edwards.com/


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