We are excited to provide the community with information about internship programs that will be available to students at Centralia College. This is a great opportunity for students to explore career paths and for businesses to support the upcoming workforce our community is preparing. EDC is working with PUD in determining capacity for new and large customers. This is an important piece for economic development of Lewis County. Lewis EDC continues to provide entrepreneurs with Smart Tank workshops that will continue throughout the year.


Internship Opportunities

 Centralia College and the Chehalis School District are working together to provide opportunities for students to explore careers in the Industrial Trades, Business/Accounting, and Healthcare fields.

As you are probably well aware, there is a big shift in education to get students engaged and interested in these types of occupations. We believe that students should receive some exposure prior to going to college therefore our Career and Technical Education programs at the Centralia College have some form of internship opportunity for students.

We would like to make it known to local business and industry that Centralia College and Chehalis School District want to partner with them to get students exposed to different occupations. This includes: welding, mechanics, carpenters, agriculture, office management, business, accounting, nursing, medical assistants, nursing assistants, industrial maintenance, and information technology to name just a few. Jake Fay, Dean of Instruction at Centralia College said, “We are seeing an increase in demand for jobs that require hands on skills. The way to build an effective workforce in Lewis County will be through partnerships between education and industry.”

To learn more about internship opportunities please contact Jake Fay at (360) 623-8400 jake.fay@centralia.edu


We continue to actively work with Energy Northwest and State on locating several electric vehicle charging stations in our area.

Our PUD is additionally moving forward with a system wide capability study to let us know where we have additional capacity to serve potential new large customers.  The information will also inform where we construct and/or expand our facilities.  This is an important piece of work for long term economic development in our community.

We recently announced that Jeff Baine our Information System Manager will be leading the telecom/fiber business line.  It is a little-known fact that the PUD owns a fiber network in our community.  The PUD offers excess wholesale dark fiber to large businesses and retail partners.  Jeff has worked with our fiber system since it’s inception and is the right person to begin building this into a fully formed strategic asset for economic development in Lewis County.

Contributed by: Chris Roden, Lewis County PUD


Tour of Lewis County

Lewis EDC had the pleasure of sponsoring the second annual “Tour of Lewis County Agriculture” on July 17th. There are currently 1,723 farms in Lewis County, averaging in size at 71 acres. According to the Farm Bureau of Washington,”Agriculture represents 13% of the Washington economy, amounting to $51 billion in revenue and 164,400 jobs”. This year’s ag tour led us to Cowlitz Meadows Dairy, Cowlitz Falls Lavender, Four Cedars Apiary, and Natives Northwest. At each location the tour group was educated on the farms history including when and how they got involved in the farming industry. Each owner expressed the challenges as well as what they see for the future of the farming industry in Lewis County.

 The Ag Tour, organized by Maureen Harkcom of the Lewis County Farm Bureau, was a huge success!  It was created to inform and educate people on the importance of agriculture in Lewis County and what it provides for our economy. The Lewis EDC appreciated the opportunity to sponsor this event.