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There is an opportunity to complete your internship in Lewis County. The EDC is currently working with businesses to maintain and establish new internship opportunities. These programs provide a pathway for young professionals to return home to Lewis County while pursuing education opportunities and making plans for the future. Our community is changing and growing every day, and the demand for new people coming into the workplace is on the rise. There are limitless opportunities for growth and success right here in the county. Get in contact with us today to get your career started!

Internships Defined

Whether looking to determine interest in a particular career, to create a network of contacts, acquire a recommendation letter to add to your resume, or to gain college credit, an internship is a great way to see the workplace and potential employers while gaining experience.

Interns may be high school students, university students, or post-graduate adults. Programs vary in responsibility and duration. They may be paid or unpaid and are usually temporary. For student interns, the participant may be required to complete a series of short assignments throughout the course of the internship. Some interns find permanent, paid employment with the organizations they worked for upon completion of the internship.

What to Expect

Most internships involve some “grunt work” – whether it’s data entry, filing, or scheduling appointments; however, interns should expect to be given real responsibility when the grunt work is done. This responsibility should teach you useful, real-life skills that will benefit you in your future careers. Whether it be at the company where you are working or elsewhere, you should learn time management, communications, project management/planning, leadership etc. Internship programs ideally give interns the opportunity to gain insight into how the industry works and how the company operates.

You should expect to be a proactive part of the team; someone who will ask questions to gain understanding, report progress to a supervisor and take constructive criticism. It is a common understanding that internships are career “try-outs” – whether you are trying to impress your supervisor for the purpose of attaining a position with the company or just a glowing recommendation letter for college/work. Proactively seek to make contacts as you network throughout the course of your internship. This will open opportunities for you in the future, and throughout your life.

What Are the Benefits?

Participating in an internship program provides significant benefits to students and future employees. Having a successful internship on your resume shows dedication and initiative and often gives you the experience required for even entry-level positions. Employers love interns, as they need little to no further training once they are hired. Admissions Boards in colleges and universities typically prefer, if not require internships on an application resume to verify that the student has real life experience in their field of study, knows what the industry looks like day-to-day and is dedicated to pursuing a degree in the field. No matter your short-term or long-term goals, an internship is a great next step.

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