December 2019

Newsletter – October 2019

2019-12-05T16:59:30-08:00December 5, 2019|

Lewis County had the opportunity to host a nationally recognized site selector.   Business recruitment and retention efforts are showing promise as business in the area is expanding. South Sound Business magazine provides insights and examples of growth and expansion occurring throughout Lewis County. The EDC General Membership Meeting hosted Senator John Braun with his [...]

December 2019

Newsletter – September 2019

2019-12-05T16:55:24-08:00December 5, 2019|

Lewis County has shown promise in the area of entrepreneurship and development of programs supporting up and coming businesses. Chehalis Co-Works and Smart Tank continue to be successful as they grow the number of people that they serve. 4-Legz is one of the entrepreneurs that we are highlighting in this issue of the newsletter.   [...]

December 2019

Newsletter – July 2019

2019-12-05T16:53:16-08:00December 5, 2019|

We are excited to provide the community with information about internship programs that will be available to students at Centralia College. This is a great opportunity for students to explore career paths and for businesses to support the upcoming workforce our community is preparing. EDC is working with PUD in determining capacity for new and [...]

June 2019

Newsletter- June 2019

2019-12-05T16:57:03-08:00June 26, 2019|

EDC continues our efforts to retain, expand, and recruit business to Lewis County. We are pursuing several leads development needs and infrastructure planning.  With virtually all commercial and industrial buildings filled there are few turn-key opportunities for industrial and commercial businesses. This will lead to companies selecting sites to search for shovel ready sites.  A healthy [...]

October 2016

Newsletter – October 2016

2016-12-15T17:19:59-08:00October 23, 2016|

We are optimistic about our community’s future as we see projects and grant opportunities that are coming closer to becoming a reality. Our efforts to develop our strategic plan continues as we will have a strategic plan completed by the end of this year. Centralia College continues efforts to grow workforce training programs and new [...]

September 2016

Newsletter – September 2016

2016-12-15T17:20:15-08:00September 27, 2016|

The forest products industry continues to be a major component of our economy and continues to have a promising future in Lewis County. EDC is getting closer to completing our strategic plan and will have a draft completed this fall. Our recruitment efforts continue to show promise as we continue to work with a number [...]

July 2016

Newsletter – July 2016

2018-05-08T19:13:22-07:00July 30, 2016|

EDC applied to a federal grant to identify workforce training needs and technical assistance for small towns developing infrastructure. We continue to be engaged with, TiP Strategies, who conducted additional interviews with community leaders and provided us with a detailed SWOT analysis. In terms of leads we have a data center that is interested in [...]

June 2016

Newsletter – June 2016

2018-05-08T19:13:22-07:00June 30, 2016|

With virtually all commercial and industrial buildings filled there are few turn-key opportunities for industrial and commercial businesses. This will lead to companies selecting sites to search for shovel ready sites. Lewis County is home to several companies that are operating successfully including Cardinal Glass and Pace Edwards.   Marketing EDC is launching a new [...]

May 2016

Newsletter – May 2016

2018-05-08T19:13:22-07:00May 28, 2016|

The temperature of our market continues to warm up as we see industrial vacancies at a nearly 15 year low. Long term, there is a lot to be optimistic about. There is increased interest in new construction of office space, turnover of commercial properties, and interest from distribution.   Marketing Benaroya Company: EDC had the [...]

April 2016

Newsletter – April 2016

2018-05-08T19:13:22-07:00April 26, 2016|

EDC is seeing increased interest in industrial real-estate as buildings become leased out. Real estate occupancy is hitting nearly 100%. Our economic development planning consultant TIP Strategies had a successful kickoff. Overall we are seeing interest from the manufacturing, distribution, and the transportation sectors. WHATS HAPPENING TIP Strategies EDC and TIP completed three days of [...]